Life, un-settled

I wasn’t sure about documenting it all, to be honest. I’ve had a travel blog before, when I moved to Australia in 2011. While it was enjoyed by my family and friends, my once-regular posting schedule started to peter out within a few months, as my experiences Down Under became less about travel and more about real, adult life.

So when we started talking about taking the BIG trip, the idea of a blog occurred to me. We wouldn’t be working, so I’d have time. If I told people about it and they started reading, their expectations of me would be enough to keep me on track with publishing interesting content. I just wasn’t convinced we’d have anything else to offer the Internet that people like Nomadic Matt, Erin & Simon, and Margo (to name very few) hadn’t already provided.

But then I told a close friend (who is arguably more international than either of us!) about the idea of adding our blog to the thousands of other travel blogs out there, and she was immediately enthusiastic about it. At the very least, she reminded me, I would be able to have our travels all documented to look back on.


Views from a 4-day hike in Wilson’s Promontory – Victoria, Australia

So here’s the start of our story:

Years ago, he and I each moved from different continents to try out a different kind of life in Australia. We both had intentions to travel, to learn– to stay on the move. Eventually, we each imagined, we’d settle down, make some plans, start real life. But not yet.

Now, 8 years later for him, 5 years later for me, we find ourselves having settled down almost unconsciously. We got great jobs, enjoyed steady paycheques, appreciated the things Australia had offered us. Travelling “all the time” started to mean twice a year, then once a year. Slowly, even a weekend road trip seemed impossible, or at least impractical. It was time, once again, to try something different.

We do love our lives, our home, our friends, even our jobs– but we also can’t wait to upend the comfort of the predictable and embark on a new adventure. It’s not quite as easy as buying a plane ticket anymore, but we want to prove to ourselves that being un-settled is the right thing for us.

I won’t be letting anyone know about this blog for quite some time (we still have to get some actual permission and make some concrete life decisions…). If you’ve stumbled onto us, we hope you enjoy the tales of past travels and our upcoming shorter trips as we prepare for an extended adventure overseas.

We post every Tuesday and Thursday with a little bonus on a Sunday morning– feel free to subscribe so that you never miss a post!


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