Travel With Friends: Good Idea or Friendship Ender?

Ah, the trip with friends. Often the result of a spontaneous (and sometimes booze-fueled) suggestion on a night out (“You’ve always wanted to go to Thailand? I’VE always wanted to go to Thailand!! LET’S GO TO THAILAND!!”), the actual travelling can be fraught with issues. And that’s not even mentioning the planning part.

I can count on one hand the number of people I can travel happily and comfortably with. Luckily for our relationship, M. is one of them. I have two other friends who have passed the test for overseas travel, and at least one who very much did not (unsurprisingly, we are no longer friends).

It’s not that I ever want to ruin friendships on these trips. It’s just that after a week or two of trying to negotiate with someone who doesn’t see eye-to-eye with you, as you both attempt to have a great time on a trip that you spent a good chunk of money on… well, you don’t tend to want to rush out to brunch with that person the weekend after you return home. Or the month after. Or 6 months after…

With two or three other people, it can be tricky. But when six or eight or even a dozen people get involved? That is the stuff of nightmares. The closest I’ve come to that kind of group travel was our university graduation trip to the Dominican Republic, and that was an all-inclusive resort so there wasn’t as much to figure out. It still took months for my friends who organized it to get all our broke-student money scraped together to pay for it all. Since then, the only group travel we do is camping. Even that can get tricky sometimes.

New York Magazine has the solution. Many solutions, in fact! They recently published an exhaustive resource for anyone thinking of travelling with friends, especially in a big group.

Check it out here.


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