Our next trip – Mongolia!

Our next big trip is coming up very soon – to wild and beautiful Mongolia!

We’ll be spending a two-day layover in Hong Kong to get our fix of cosmopolitan treats, then off for 10 days of trekking, camping, and bumping along dirt roads around Ulaanbaatar.

Neither of us are too enthusiastic about scheduled tours. We take little day tours once we arrive in a country, but we prefer to at least have the illusion of spontaneity and opportunity for a unique experience.

That being said, I am such a sucker for a Lonely Planet guidebook. Yes, their locations are the same ones that everyone goes to, but they really do know their stuff. We recently spent a long brunch in Melbourne pouring over their Mongolia guidebook. We haven’t made any concrete plans yet, but we’ve got a lot of great ideas that we’ll keep sharing here as we make decisions.

I also picked up a little Citix60 Guide to Hong Kong — it’s pocket-sized and all the recommendations are chosen by arty types who actually live in the city. We’re already looking forward to some of the restaurants, bars, shops, and sights we’ll be able to take in during our 48+ hours in Hong Kong.

More to come on the Mongolia plans. It’s great to have more travel to be excited about!

Tell us what you think!

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