Audiobooks: A Travel Must-Have

I’m a big reader. This is great for travelling; I rarely get bored. But the weight of books, and the space they take up in my luggage– sometimes it’s just not practical.

And while I don’t get carsick easily and can happily read in a moving vehicle on a highway or stable street, there are many roads in this world that even I couldn’t handle reading through without the risk of severe nausea.

The windy country roads of England, on which I attempted unsuccessfully to read Alice in Wonderland at the age of 11, provided the first of such discomfort. By the time M. and I went to Myanmar some 15 years later, I knew better than to try to follow lines of print across the page while inside a moving vehicle.

And yet, the prospect of hours and hours (8 or 9 at a stretch) along bumpy, curving roads, even with some stunning scenery and people-watching, did not seem enticing.

Instead, I loaded my trusty iPod (circa 2006ish, thank you very much) with the audiobook version of Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake series. Though some of my memories of rural Burma coincide with memories of a post-apocalyptic religious cult of gardeners, I was entertained on our long journeys by road without risking any carsickness.

If you’re planning on taking any extended road trips on less than reliable terrain, I would highly recommend that you check out (not affiliated, just what I’m using these days now that I’ve given up trying to use my trusty iPod) or a similar service to find a gripping, nausea-free reading experience for the next time you travel.

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