When you’re craving travel but have to stay put

There are some days when the wanderlust hits hard. I get the itch, the need, the craving to head to the airport and go– wherever. Sometimes it happens when life is particularly routine or stressful; other times when I’m feeling envious of someone else’s photos from Prague or Cambodia. Sometimes it’s just a shaft of sunlight hitting the pavement or the scent of wet earth, reminding me that the world is out there for me to see.

I try to combat this feeling by always having a trip in the planning stages, but that’s not always a realistic option.

So I do what I always do when I’m yearning for something I can’t have immediately: I go full pelt in the opposite direction.

It might seem counterintuitive, but overwhelming myself with all things NON-travel really does distract me from a desire to have what I can’t have right that moment.

How I do that? I indulge in all the things that I enjoy but could never do if I was travelling.

If I’m feeling down about my settled life, I might…

  • linger at a favourite café, one that is quintessentially Melbourne
  • catch up with a friend whom I would miss if I were away
  • go shopping (or even just browsing) for home decor items, like new sheets or candles, that I would always have to leave at home
  • lie in bed and appreciate how my legs feel all stretched out (I tend to do this before any long-haul flight, too!)
  • think about all I’ve done in the past 24 hours, the same length of time we spend to fly to North America or Europe (another pre-long-haul tip)
  • take in one of the tourist attractions in my own city
  • go out and do some gardening in our beautiful backyard

Granted, it’s not a true cure for wanderlust. I’ll still want to travel, to get to planning our next trip, even after I’ve immersed myself in local experiences.

But at the very least, throwing myself into the opposite of travel provides a temporary relief.

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