Keep Track of Spending As A Couple: Use A ‘Cassa Comune’

In Italian, ‘cassa comune’, (or “cas-sa commoonay” if your accent is terrible like mine) translates to “common fund” or “kitty” in English.

It’s how we, as a couple who do not share finances and thus split all travel expenses down the middle, keep track of what we spend on trips.

At the beginning of a trip, we work out about how much money we want to spend each day. We then put our daily allotment of money (plus a little extra) into a small travel wallet I keep for just such an occasion. All shared expenses, like transportation, food, etc. comes from the cassa comune. Souvenirs and extras come from our own pockets.

Every few days, we’ll top up the cassa comune from our private stashes and make sure we have enough money in there for future expenses.

Yes, we could just use our own money individually and take turns paying for things. However, having the cassa comune makes the trip more collaborative and helps to avoid either person feeling like they’re contributing more or less than the other.

It also leaves only one person in charge of paying for things at any given time, thus lessening the amount of touristy fumbling for money in public places.

If you’re taking a trip for the first time as a couple or are looking for a way to strengthen your travel bond with your significant other, try using a cassa comune. We promise we won’t judge your accent when you say it.

I’m curious… how do you keep track of spending when you’re travelling with others? Does it ever get uneven, or do you have a fool-proof way to make sure everyone contributes equally?

Tell us what you think!

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