Get a bit of Myanmar in Melbourne: Burma Lane

When M. and I first got back from our two-week trip to Myanmar in 2014, we found a little Burmese restaurant that delivered and decided to try it out.

It was disgusting.

And it bore very little resemblance to the Burmese food we’d loved on our trip. We both suspected that the owners had long since changed hands and just stuck with the name without any commitment to the real food of Myanmar.

Almost two years later, I was looking for a lunch restaurant in Melbourne’s CBD that I could take M. and my parents to. My quick Googling unearthed Burma Lane and I knew we had to take my parents to try the unique dishes we’d adored in 2014.

Burma Lane, unlike the earlier restaurant, did not disappoint. The food was incredible and the ambiance, while catering to the corporate lunch set, still evoked the places and people we’d seen in Myanmar.

My absolute favourite was the pickled tea-leaf salad, a Burmese specialty. My mom loved the stir-fried cauliflower (so light and crispy!) and M. and Dad politely fought over who would get the most spicy chicken wings. We shared all our dishes, so we were also able to show off the fried shan tofu. It came in rectangles instead of the curly strips we’d tried in Myanmar, but it was still delicious.

For those who have traveled to Myanmar, this is a must-try in Melbourne to bring back memories of the delicious food. And of course, trying Burma Lane is a great option if you’re craving travel but can’t quite make it to Yangon yet!

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