Eat Melbourne: Aussie Donuts and Coffee at All Day Donuts in Brunswick

Melbourne has recently had something of a renaissance of American food. With more people travelling than ever before and lots of great deals on flights to L.A., New York, and San Francisco, more varieties of food have made their way to our restaurants and cafés.

It’s not quite up to the standard of what you can get in a major city or down South, but there’s a huge variety of barbecue, burgers, po’boys, you name it popping up in my Aussie city. When I moved to Melbourne five years ago there were two diners and one bar that served U.S.-style meals.

As much as I adore burgers, the foodie trend I have really gotten behind these last two years is the rise of the donut.

My favourite place to get a donut (mostly because it’s close) is tucked away on a side street off Sydney Road in Brunswick. All Day Donuts has a handful of flavour options that they do very well, with a window into the delicious smells they’re concocting in their kitchen and decent coffee on offer.

all day donuts cafe melbourne australia brunswick

They also serve brunch dishes to the mostly dad + kid crowd that flocks there on a Saturday morning. Seriously, if you want to see a bunch of adorable little scamps with chocolate all over their faces, go to All Day Donuts on a weekend morning. I haven’t tried the brunch yet (I come for the donut, clearly), which features hearty fare like a grilled reuben and tortillas in shak salsa. Most miraculously for Melbourne, the most expensive dish on the brunch menu is $12. Yup, you read that right.

Despite the usual crowd, I’ve never seen All Day Donuts get insanely busy like some of the places in the city. It got packed when they partnered with Flour Market to host The Day of the Donut, but otherwise you never have much of a wait for food.

Alright, yes. On to the donuts.

donut stack all day donuts cafe melbourne australia brunswick

At a straight $5 apiece, All Day Donuts usually have about a half dozen options on any given day, and they tend to stick with their classics. As you can see in my photo above, it’s a nice, hefty donut– one of these, especially the cream-filled one, plus my soy latte is enough to get me through a few hours til lunch. What I really like about it is that it’s a dense, yeasty kind of donut; not too airy like Krispy Kreme, nor too cake-like. It’s quite solidly and happily a donut’s donut.

My usual go-to has always been the passionfruit coffee with cookie crumble (official name: Coffee Glaze with Passionfruit Curd and Chocolate Rubble), but I’ve started to lean more towards the strawberry cheese cake donut pictured above. Both have a generously creamy centre and a smooth blanket of icing on top.

glazed donut all day donuts cafe melbourne australia brunswick

And of course, their classic glazed donut is nothing to sneeze at either. The plain flavour allows the yeastiness of the donut to come through nicely, plus the glaze doesn’t taste too cloyingly sweet.

Ok, I’m going to stop myself before I get too hungry and reject my healthy weekday breakfast for a delectable donut!

If you find yourself in Melbourne’s inner north suburbs on your travels or in your day-to-day, pop over to 12 Edward St and treat yourself to a U.S.-inspired, Aussie-made donut (or two).

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