Why you should leave your books behind as you travel: J.K. Rowling on travel reading

I couldn’t agree more, on all counts.

Next time you travel, try taking a book or two that you got at a secondhand bookstore and leave it behind somewhere for someone else to find, whether you liked it or not. You never know what someone else might think of it.

I discovered so many great vintagey children’s books on my travels when I was a kid, and M. and I always try to duck into at least one used book store on our trips. Have you ever found a gem (or a stinker!) while on holiday?


  1. I like the idea of leaving books behind. It seems to fit the transient nature of travel, too 🙂



    1. I’m the same, Marie Therese. I do wish I could manage to actually part with my books, though! On my latest trip I had a thick book that would have been perfect to leave behind and yet I kept it. I think if I remind myself that my book will soon bring another person joy, it will be easier to part with my favourites.

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      1. I can be such a stickler when it comes to keeping my books. But I’ve realized that once I let them go, it’s okay, and if I really really miss them- I can usually find them again on half.com or thrift stores 🙂


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