My first round of packing

Packing! How I will ever manage to get it all down to the small amount I want to bring is beyond me. I’ve repacked about three times and while I keep taking things out, somehow it is never enough. I have a 50L backpack from Decathlon and a 28L front pack from Kathmandu, both of which I really love.

Here’s a quick idea of what I’m thinking of including, two weeks out from the trip:



  • first aid kit contents, super basic (sterile pads, CPR face shield, alcohol wipes, q-tips, one dressing, two pairs of gloves, emergency blanket, safety pins, medical tape, tiny pen, + instruction pamphlet)
  • antibiotics prescribed by my doctor, who did a year in South America in the 1980s (for wounds, diarrhea, anti-anxiety and anti-malarial)
  • waterproof bandages, various sizes
  • Imodium (a must-have!)
  • Rehydration sachets
  • Eye drops for contact lense-wearers (which we both are)
  • Antiseptic liquid
  • Painkillers
  • Allergy pills (in case of allergic reaction to things like insect bites or irritant plants)

+ Marco’s travel doctor added some medicine to stop vomiting. We are ready for any and all food poisoning occasions.



  • E-reader – I’ve been monitoring Amazon’s Daily Deals for a whole year and buying bargain books that I actually want to read. I’m ready to live without the library! (*sob*)
  • Battery bank with 5x charge (a truly excellent Christmas gift)
  • Headphones
  • Adaptors (some countries take American, others Australian, and a few are European – we are prepared with small versions of all three that we already owned, the majority of which are USB connectors)
  • Teensy tool for changing SIM cards in our phones (I’ll remove the cardboard case when I find a place to put this)
  • Charge cords for all equipment
  • Backup iPhone 4 in case our phones get stolen
  • Bendable camera tripod that I don’t use often but might use for really great photos. (Not pictured: my camera, whose lens is broken and should have been taken in to be fixed last week. Argh.)



Miscellaneous (necessities and recreation):

  • Self-laminating baggage tags (another very cool Christmas gift!)
  • Luggage locks, both with keys and combinations. I’ll use the combo lock for my most important zippers on my backpack and use the key locks, which could be lost or stolen, on less crucial parts of my bags.
  • LifeStraw water filter (Christmas gift from Marco, very clever of him)
  • Whistle and compass keychains for safety
  • A small variety of pens, which I’ll keep in…
  • My genius fake safe that looks like suncreen but is in fact a container – I’ll slip some spare money in here too
  • Sewing kit, including scissors
  • Inflatable travel pillow (we regularly fly long-haul: trust us, the travel pillow makes a difference)
  • Eyeshades (Marco calls me Ray Charles when I wear these and they definitely look like a bra, but they are the. best.)
  • Two notebooks – one tiny and one a bit bigger – I have yet to decide what I’ll use each for but since I plan to do a bit of writing while away, it’s useful to have two.
  • Playing cards
  • Tarot cards, which I’ve started dabbling in this year and which I’m hoping will be a good icebreaker with new friends (along with the Hudson’s Bay playing cards, which are super Canadian)




  • Scrubba bag, which will allow us to properly wash things on the go without having to bring clothes into the shower with us (my Mom is extremely skilled at Christmas gifts, can you tell?)
  • Laundry powder for the first few rounds of laundry when we’re in the wilds of Patagonia – we’ll buy more along the way when needed
  • A pegless washing line to hand-dry clothes and towels (some hostels very annoyingly have no hooks!)
  • My beloved Tide pen for removing the food stains I cause on a weekly basis




  • Kmart dry bag for tech
  • Sea to Summit compression sack for wintery gear – my mom got this for me years ago and it compresses 6L into 2L. Inside this sack is a puffer jacket, gloves, a hat and a pair of leggings. Believe it!
  • Vacuum bags that don’t require us to haul out the hostel’s Henry vacuum to use them (I’m still not sure if these actually work…)
  • A Decathlon waterproof camera bag



Camping gear:

  • Teensy inflatable sleeping mat from Amazon
  • Decathlon sleeping bag, which I’ll attach to the outside of my backpack (covered by the rain cover)
  • 2-person hiking tent with ground cover, which Marco will keep in his 60L backpack, also from Amazon




  • Large microfibre Decathlon travel towel (life is too short to spend a year with a tiny towel; also I am over 30, I deserve this)
  • Microfibre hair towel from Kmart
  • Teensy microfibre wash cloths from Muji – I’ll probably bring about 3 of these

skirts + dresses

Dresses and skirts (all hit around my knee):

  • Colourful Ghanda wrap dress (can double as a kimono/cardigan-ish thing)
  • Comfortable black Old Navy jersey dress
  • Silky fit-and-flare black Sportsgirl skirt


Bottoms (my real debate is over pants/shorts – is two of each enough??):

  • Decjuba jeans (might swap these out for black H&M jeans)
  • Old Navy jean shorts (apparently a very big faux-pas to wear shorts in cities)
  • my favourite Athleta leggings for sport-y activities + lounging
  • Decathlon gym shorts for those very hot days of hiking




  • Very light Lululemon black jumper, light enough to use as sun protection on hot days and great for layering
  • An old thick Cotton On jumper for layering on cold nights (I’m allergic to wool. It’s a huge pain. I need to bring this old thick polyester because I can’t rely on finding 0% wool sweaters in very wooly countries)


Shirts (are there too many?):

  • Old Navy athletic tank
  • 2 tshirts (Cotton On + H&M)
  • 2 tank tops (both Zara)
  • 1 black Forever 21 spaghetti-strap top for layering and/or warmth
  • Long-sleeved Supre shirt for layering and/or warmth (I should really put this in the compression sack)
  • 1 nicer, more interesting tank top that matches with the black skirt and jeans (Stradivarius from ASOS)


socks + underwear + bathers

Underwear + socks:

  • 2 pairs Cotton On Body hiking socks
  • 1 pair heavy-duty, thick, super-breathable bamboo hiking socks (I love these)
  • 1 bikini with reversible top (I got this for an absolute steal at a Patagonia outlet – reversible things are the best when you can’t pack much!)
  • Black Tiger Lily one-piece bathing suit that can double as a going-out top
  • I’m not putting my underwear on the Internet, but there are 14 pairs there – probably overkill but underwear is the one thing you can’t reuse when you don’t have time/facilities for laundry! (I should probably take some of these out, otherwise what is the point of the Scrubba bag…)



Accessories (to me, this is the difference between wearing grey and black and burgundy for 10 straight months and feeling like you’ve switched things up a bit):

  • Pink floral Country Road headband
  • CanTeen black bandana
  • Brown belt to wear with dress or skirt (no source for this one… I think it came with a dress I have since given away)
  • Small scarf from a local Aussie brand called Solomon Street



Pyjamas (I believe strongly in having a separate, easily accessed pouch for sleepwear for those nights you arrive at a hostel at midnight and just need to crash):

  • Pouch – I’ll probably also stash my lavender essential oil and eyeshades in here at times)
  • PJ shorts
  • PJ top (I’ll try not to use this interchangeably as a tshirt – it just makes your sleep better to have dedicated nightwear)
  • Comfy socks with yogini ladies on them (again with the fabulous Christmas gifts!!)

*I’m planning to add my own pillowcase to this pouch, also to help facilitate sleep and make all the moving around a bit easier


Eyewear (should I have gotten laser eye surgery before this trip? Yes. Did I? No.):

  • Glasses (I will also pack a spare pair)
  • 5 months’ worth of daily contacts – because of my wool allergy, I have to use daily instead of monthly contacts. I’ve got them in two pouches, one for each bag, in case one bag is stolen. I’ll stock back up in major cities when I can.

*I’ll also carry a printed and online copy of my prescription just in case.



  • Flip-flops – necessary for hostel showers
  • 1 pair of fancy sandals (they’re super light, ok? I’m going to need to feel like a normal human at some point)
  • Nike running shoes
  • My very well-worn Birkenstocks – super comfortable for walking around on hot days. I don’t rely only on flip-flops anymore after my experience with a rusty nail in Myanmar
  • Hiking boots (they’re heavy, but I couldn’t be bothered getting new ones when these ones are so beautifully broken in and comfy. I’ll wear them on transit days so they’ll never go in the pack)

period supplies

Period supplies (People with a uterus get periods. I’m not squeamish about talking about this!):

  • Flex period discs – I’m not great with menstrual cups and tampons are apparently notoriously hard to track down in Latin America, so I’ve switched to this new and very cool brand called Flex, which is disposable but can be worn for 12 hours at a time. I had to get my poor Aunt Jan to send them from her house in the States, but I’m hoping the ease of travelling with a year’s worth of them will be worth it! (more on this through Instagram in a few months…)

*I’ll add some light organic pads to this, plus the necessary painkillers for my severe cramps and some hand sanitiser. A special period kit pouch is a necessity!


So like I said, that’s the first round (minus the even more complex list of toiletries!). While I am a relatively light packer compared to most, I’m sure I can cut down on what I’ve got now. Do you have thoughts? Am I missing something? Have I brought way too much or will I never use certain things?

Like we mentioned in the last post, our Instagram is the best place to keep up with our packing progress, but I’ll try to post an update of my final version of what I pack.

Tell us what you think!

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