About Us

We are an expat couple (C., a 31-year-old woman from Canada, and M., a 35-year-old man from Italy) living long-term in Melbourne, Australia.

We met at work seven years ago and went on our first date 12 hours before M. left for a 6-week trip to Sri Lanka and Cambodia. A month and a half and a few check-in texts later, we had our second first date. We’ve been together ever since.

about us travel couple mongolia relationships

Wandering in Mongolia in 2016

Together, we have travelled around Australia, to Myanmar, Italy, the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Vanuatu. On our own or with friends and family, we’ve seen most of Europe and North America, New Zealand, and several countries in Asia. South America, Africa, Antarctica, and all the countries we’ve missed on the other continents are still on our bucket list. Someday!

We have big goals for big travel in the near(ish) future, but for now we’re travelling at a breakneck pace anytime we can manage to leave life behind.

myanmar inle lake burma boat asia feet toms traveller

C. relaxes in a boat on Inle Lake, Myanmar in 2014

M. is full of energy and spontaneity, loves to cook, play sport, and be in the middle of the action at every party. When we travel, he’ll walk for forty kilometres or more before it occurs to him to stop. He is sure to learn a few endearing phrases in the local language upon arrival and uses them to immediate effect to charm curious older ladies and cheekily grinning kids.

C. is talkative and friendly but also loves to read and curl up with a book and a cup of tea. She’s the advance planner and the one who begs for an afternoon rest at a bar or cafe to recover a bit of our travel enthusiasm. When we travel, she’ll Google every great foodie location within an hour’s walk in any city and then pretend that we’ve just stumbled upon it.

C. is the regular voice and webmaster of Unsettled Life. M. is more behind-the-scenes but pipes in with comments and tips when he feels the need to express himself!

tasmania cheese australia road trip bruny island foodie travel

M. enjoys cheese on Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia in 2012

Together we’ve seen about 15% of the planet and amassed quite a cache of useful tips for those who want to travel alone, with friends, or with a significant other. We also have years of experience choosing to move and live overseas, so once in awhile we’ll share those tips, too.

We haven’t really told any of our friends and family about the existence of this blog, so if you’re reading this… you found us some other way. Welcome, stranger!

We hope you enjoy!

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