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You travel so much! How on earth do you afford it?

We’re not millionaires. See what corners we cut to afford travel here.

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How often do you manage to get time off? Do you have to ask for extra vacation days?

We can’t take any credit for this. We just happened to choose to live in a country that is incredibly generous with the amount of leave employers give. We work in an industry that offers us 8-10 weeks of paid holidays per year. This is a big incentive for us to keep working in our field in this country!

Do keep in mind, though, that a lot of these weeks of holidays are spent going back to our home countries to visit family and friends. Australia has some amazing benefits, but it is very far away from Europe and North America.


Why do you never write your full first names or show pictures of your faces?

We have day jobs and we’d rather not risk making our adventures too public within our work community. Nothing scandalous, just trying to keep work and travel separate. Regular readers will get to know our feet, hands, and the backs of our heads like we’re close but socially timid friends.


Why do you always say “we” if only one of you writes the posts?

Because C. labours under the delusion that M. will someday want to publish some of his own great travel stories, and because it wouldn’t be fair to give C. all the credit for experiences we have together.


I’m looking for ideas for reading material for my next trip. Do either of you have any recommendations?

Best question ever! M. always sends English-speakers towards a translation; he suggests something by Jose Saramago to really sink your teeth into. Try Blindness to start. If you’re interested in food, you can’t go wrong with Michael Pollan’s study of cooking, Cooked.

C. loves a thick, involved, gripping tome to get through during a long-haul plane trip. If you like historical fiction, go for New Zealand author Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries. For something lighter and non-fiction, devour anything by the hilarious and fascinating Mary Roach. Her books include Gulpabout the digestive system, and Bonkabout the science of sex.


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