Guidebook Tip – Check your favourite spots online before leaving

Guidebooks, along with cookbooks, are my chosen souvenir for every big trip I take. Even when the guidebook becomes out-of-date, I like to have a keepsake to remind me of the place and the time I went on each adventure.

M. reminds me that if we stick entirely to the guidebook we’ll just end up taking the same path as every other Lonely Planet-buying tourist, and he’s right. But when it comes to getting the lay of the land and finding some good spots, it’s helpful to have a guidebook along.


Why We Book Flights Through A Travel Agent

If you’d told either of us a few years ago that it was a great idea to book flights through a travel agent, we would have laughed at you.

First of all, they’re more expensive, right? And they take all the fun out of planning your trip yourself, right? We weren’t taking tours, so what was the point?

Well let me tell you, we were dead wrong on all three counts.


How Not To Procrastinate – Lessons from the Indian Consulate

I own a book called Wait: The Useful Art of Procrastination. It sits at the bottom of my bedside-table-pile-of-books (all the best people have one). I think I bought it in about 2013. Haven’t even cracked the spine. That should be enough to illustrate the extent of my bad habit, I think.