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The Travel Shelf: Stay Organized At Home

As you may know if you’ve checked out our About Us section, M. and I are both expats living far away from our own countries in Australia. With the lives we’ve chosen comes a lot of long-haul international travel, whether it’s on vacation or on a trip home to see our families.

Like most people, we’re usually trying to do a million and one things just before we travel. It only took me a few trips to realize that having a place to store all the things I need for travel would save me a lot of time and stress.

And that’s when my travel shelf began.


When you’re craving travel but have to stay put

There are some days when the wanderlust hits hard. I get the itch, the need, the craving to head to the airport and go– wherever. Sometimes it happens when life is particularly routine or stressful; other times when I’m feeling envious of someone else’s photos from Prague or Cambodia. Sometimes it’s just a shaft of sunlight hitting the pavement or the scent of wet earth, reminding me that the world is out there for me to see.