Eat Melbourne: Aussie Donuts and Coffee at All Day Donuts in Brunswick

Melbourne has recently had something of a renaissance of American food. With more people travelling than ever before and lots of great deals on flights to L.A., New York, and San Francisco, more varieties of food have made their way to our restaurants and cafés.

It’s not quite up to the standard of what you can get in a major city or down South, but there’s a huge variety of barbecue, burgers, po’boys, you name it popping up in my Aussie city. When I moved to Melbourne five years ago there were two diners and one bar that served U.S.-style meals.

As much as I adore burgers, the foodie trend I have really gotten behind these last two years is the rise of the donut.


Travellers at home: Host a Brazilian brunch party for the Olympics

You’ve got to find fun where you can, right? Thanks to my hostess-with-the-mostest-mom’s traditions, I’ve inherited a love of throwing a party for a party’s sake.

Especially when you’re used to travelling or longing for another trip, it can break up the monotony of regular life to celebrate with some international flavour.

And thus, the idea for an Olympic party was born. I hosted this Rio-themed breakfast for the Opening Ceremonies, but the concept works just as well for the Closing Ceremonies, or, if you’re in a different timezone (in Australia, the Rio evening is our morning), on the occasion of a particularly exciting sporting event.

Details, photos, and Olympics recipes after the jump!