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Sunday Travel Links!

Every Sunday, we post a quick little extra for those of you who, like me, love to peruse the blogosphere on a Sunday afternoon.

You might be interested in…


Eat Everything: Making the Most of Foodie Locations

No, seriously. We do want to eat everything when we travel somewhere. Honestly, we want to eat everything on a normal Friday evening– but when we travel, we try to eat even more.


Keep Track of Spending As A Couple: Use A ‘Cassa Comune’

In Italian, ‘cassa comune’, (or “cas-sa commoonay” if your accent is terrible like mine) translates to “common fund” or “kitty” in English.

It’s how we, as a couple who do not share finances and thus split all travel expenses down the middle, keep track of what we spend on trips.


Google Translate’s App – It Really Works!

As you may have guessed, my ‘in-laws’ are Italian. They are so wonderful about the fact that I can barely speak Italian (they’re wonderful about everything, really, but that’s a braggy post for another time) despite my 4 years and counting being surrounded by Italians. Even 13+ years of studying French in school doesn’t help me much– I can understand Italian better than some, but that doesn’t make me speak like a pro.

Enter Google Translate’s brilliant app.


Why We Book Flights Through A Travel Agent

If you’d told either of us a few years ago that it was a great idea to book flights through a travel agent, we would have laughed at you.

First of all, they’re more expensive, right? And they take all the fun out of planning your trip yourself, right? We weren’t taking tours, so what was the point?

Well let me tell you, we were dead wrong on all three counts.


How We Afford Travel

That is the question.

Honestly, it’s the first thing I ask (usually out loud, to no one, in a quiet wail) when I see a blogger or Facebook friend who has jetted off to another great location.

If I thought about it for a second, though, our friends could easily ask the same about us. They probably do!