Expat Regrets: 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Moving Overseas

I’ve been gathering documents this week for the final stage in my quest to finally stop giving my hard-earned money to Immigration: dual citizenship! Many thousands of dollars and about a half dozen police checks later, I’m finally going to be done with the anxiety of not having security in Australia. M. is in the same boat, with only his swearing-in ceremony left to go.

This doesn’t mean that we’ve decided to stay here forever (who knows what they’re going to be doing forever, anyway?) but it does make me reflect on the last 5.5 years in this sunburned country.

What I have I learned? Lots of positive things, for sure. But I’m going to start with a few regrets in hopes that others can learn from my mistakes.


Travel With Friends: Good Idea or Friendship Ender?

Ah, the trip with friends. Often the result of a spontaneous (and sometimes booze-fueled) suggestion on a night out (“You’ve always wanted to go to Thailand? I’VE always wanted to go to Thailand!! LET’S GO TO THAILAND!!”), the actual travelling can be fraught with issues. And that’s not even mentioning the planning part.