Konmari for Travellers: How ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ made it easier, cheaper, and more fun for me to travel

Most people who know me remember the intense phase last December when, fuelled by dreams of long-term travel, I embarked on the process of reading and then following the tenets of Konmari.

Groan, you think. Not another one of these “throw-everything-out” obsessives.

Well, yes. I am a bit crazy about this stuff, but only because it worked so incredibly well for me and played a big part in helping me to plan and afford to take a big trip in the near future.

I know you’re still sceptical, but I’ll explain the whole process and see if I can’t show you that it’s not only doable, but necessary for your life as someone who loves to travel and wants to do more of it.


The Travel Shelf: Stay Organized At Home

As you may know if you’ve checked out our About Us section, M. and I are both expats living far away from our own countries in Australia. With the lives we’ve chosen comes a lot of long-haul international travel, whether it’s on vacation or on a trip home to see our families.

Like most people, we’re usually trying to do a million and one things just before we travel. It only took me a few trips to realize that having a place to store all the things I need for travel would save me a lot of time and stress.

And that’s when my travel shelf began.